CISA Student Herbst 2014 Booster Course live Webinar

Thanks, Jutta, for the certificate. The exam required full concentration for 4 full hours.

As expected, it was very demanding exam (both, physically and mentally).

Nevertheless, I hope for the best and wait for results to become available.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for putting in a good word for me with ….. I have attended a local chapter meeting yesterday and was invited to give a presentation in the coming autumn about overview and practical use of cryptographic algorithms and protocols for information security.

Once again, many thanks for your efforts! It was a pleasure working with you, and rest assured, I will also put in a good word for you.

I hope we will keep in touch.

CISM student spring 2012, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

A recent (free) ISACA webinar delivered by Jay Ranade and Jutta Staudach (Germany) went through an overview of CISA, CISM, CRISC and CGEIT exams. People attended from all over the world, like Gibraltar (I myself am based in Canada). For CISM, the only recommended source is the ISACA manual issued in Feb 2012 and the ISACA questions that are $80.00 (online, delivered within minutes of your purchase transaction) and in my opinion, a bargain. Jay Ranade is offering free sample „axioms“ to help candidates for these exams absorb the knowledge and concepts in the right format:


As I am studying for the CISM exam myself, I find that Jay Ranade’s approach is an excellent way of absorbing the material, however, prior knowledge and experience is a MUST. Good luck everyone

CISM student spring 2012, Enterprise Risk Advisor, Toronto, Canada

…. She demonstrated her considerable skills in guiding people in the right direction by explaining what is expected of them and involving all parties in discussions. This approach helped us to achieve the main goal of this project.
It was always a pleasure working with her.
Having been impressed with her Project Management skills, I hired her last year as my
Mentor for CISA and CISM purposes.
Again she showed her impressive skills in understanding business needs and Technology requirements, by aligning IT with re-engineered Business requirements.
I would be proud to have her in my team.

Compliance Officer Citi, Mai 2010

… Jutta was managing three projects, in which I was involved, either as a Senior Supplier, or as Senior Executive.
During this time, I appreciated the high level of competence, and commitment of Jutta, as a Project Manager. She is very outspoken, and not afraid to get to the point, when needed. I can easily recommend her for an appointment as a Project Manager and would be happy to supply any further information, if needed.

Director System Engineering, European Patent Office, April 2008

…Frau Staudach hat die Betreuung des Projektes bis zur Produktionseinführung  durchgeführt. Dabei hat sie sämtliche Aspekte des Projektmanagements, inkl. Planung, Koordination und Nachverfolgung anderer Bereiche abgedeckt. Dies war nur aufgrund ihres erheblichen persönlichen Einsatzes möglich.Bei dem Projekt handelt es sich um die Pilot Einführung einer neuen, strategischen Front-end Applikation. Weiterhin wurde diese erstmalig auf der eingesetzten Hardware-Plattform realisiert. Der Projekt-Wert beträgt ca. US$ 20 Millionen über 5 Jahre, davon US$ 10 Millionen für neue Hard- und Software.

Direktor Rechenzentrum Citigroup, April 2006

…. Frau Staudach hat ihr umfangreiches Datenbankwissen gewinnbringend eingebracht und in unserem Unternehmen den Grundstein für ein Datenbank-Lizenzmanagement verbunden mit Kosteneinsparungen gelegt. Ihre Ergebnisse hat sie gut dokumentiert, sodaß eine Weiterverwendung für uns mühelos möglich war. Sie verfügte über eine sehr gute Auffassungsgabe und war in der Lage, auch diese komplexe organisatorische Aufgabe strukturiert und mit durchgehend hoher Qualität sowie Termintreue durchzuführen. Somit erfüllte sie die ihr übertragene Aufgabe zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit.

Fachabteilungleiter UNIX Systeme, IZB (FI-TS), Juli 2004